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Residential Security Camera installation

Many homeowners often ask, "How can I secure my home?" or "How do I install surveillance cameras in my home?" Fortunately, Peekaboo Surveillance, Inc. offers a simple and effective solution. With just 3 easy steps, our team of professionals can install a user-friendly system in your home. This state-of-the-art equipment lets you easily monitor your home from any location using remote internet viewing. Imagine the peace of mind you would have as a parent, seeing your child safely entering your home after school with just a few taps on your smartphone. Or, as a spouse, ensure your loved one has arrived home securely. This peace of mind can become a reality with Peekaboo Surveillance, Inc.'s security system. Our team will customize a CCTV security solution that fits your needs and preferences. Count on Peekaboo Surveillance, Inc. to provide you with top-notch security for your home.

Your Security Camera Installation can be done in just 1 Day for most residential properties!

Peekaboo Security Cameras is a leading provider of residential security camera installations in Warren, MI, and access control systems. (586) 200-1900. Here is the process to start working on your new security system in Warren, Roseville, and the surrounding areas, we will quote you only what you need and show you the best placement of the cameras.
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Thermal Cameras in Warren, and Detroit.

Residential Home Security Systems in Warren, Roseville, Detroit, and its Surrounding Areas

In today's world, staying one step ahead of criminal activity is crucial. People often need more time to invest in a home surveillance system due to concerns about the cost. However, a security surveillance system's value far outweighs the initial investment. Not only does it help prevent loss and protect your home and loved ones, but it provides you with undeniable evidence and records of any activity in and around your property.
A security surveillance system installed in your home empowers you to take control of any unwanted incidents. Instead of solely relying on the Local Police Department to conduct their investigation, you can complete your investigation with concrete evidence. No longer will you have to wait for a detective to gather evidence to find those responsible for any loss or disruption?
Residential Services
With a residential home security system, you can end unwanted things appearing on your property or suspicious activities around your home. From identifying the neighbor who lets their dog wander into your yard to uncovering the person messing with your flowers, you can now have peace of mind and take appropriate action.

You will then be able to watch your cameras remotely!

With our remote access included in the installation, you will have instant access from your phone, tablet, or laptop. You can check what’s going on when you are away or at your home, whether you are at work or out of town; all past events and live video will be accessible at your fingertips. Have you ever wondered how that dent mysteriously appeared on your parked vehicle in your driveway? Or have you ever had concerns about someone going through your garbage or rifling through your mailbox? Believe it or not, many instances of identity theft occur when individuals have access to your mail, personal documents or even trespass onto your property.
At Peekaboo Surveillance, Inc., we provide comprehensive security solutions for residential and commercial properties. With years of experience handling a wide range of criminal activities and civil cases involving neighbor disputes and trespassing incidents in Detroit, our security surveillance camera systems installations can make a significant difference in your neighborhood.
Imagine if just 10 residents on your block had a surveillance system installed. The impact would be tremendous, as much of the criminal activity on your block could be deterred or eliminated. Most criminals rely on vehicles to scout and navigate the area before committing crimes. By having a reliable video surveillance system, you can effectively detect and record any suspicious activity in and around your property.
But it's more than residential properties that can benefit from our services. Businesses in Detroit can also greatly enhance their security measures with our state-of-the-art video surveillance solutions.
You might have extra discounts on your home or office insurance policy when you install security cameras. Check with your insurance company to claim those additional benefits.
Other services
DVR/NVR Programming setting up.
  • Phone APP setup
  • Modem Programming (opening ports)
  • Camera NVR/DVR repairs
  • IP/Analog camera systems
  • Ring sales and setup
  • Low voltage wiring (CCTV, Ethernet, Cable Cat 5E, Cat 6, RG59, RG 6)
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