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When you choose Peekaboo Security Cameras, Inc. as your partner, we will care for all aspects of your security system installation. From hardware setup to project management, we handle everything so you can focus on your business. Our team will ensure the system is installed to maximize productivity while minimizing disruptions. Trust us for your surveillance camera and access control needs.
Professional installation for your business’s security system is crucial in monitoring facilities, equipment, employees, and daily operations. To successfully handle intricate security challenges and streamline business operations, it is crucial to have efficient surveillance and access control systems that are correctly installed and configured. By choosing Surveillance Secure as your security solutions partner, you gain access to our expertise in commercial sector installations.

Security System Installation and Project Management Services

Peek A Book Cameras is a leading provider of security camera installation in Warren MI & Surrounding areas. We offer a variety of security cameras to meet your needs, including indoor and outdoor cameras, wired and wireless cameras, and high-definition cameras. We also offer installation and maintenance services.
We offer comprehensive Access Control System Installation Warren MI solutions for all your security needs. Our expert team provides efficient and reliable installation of security systems, ensuring the safety and protection of your property. With our project management services, we ensure that the installation process is smooth and seamless, from planning to execution. Trust our experienced professionals to deliver the highest quality results, securing your property and people. Contact us for top-notch security system installation and project management services.
The advancements in video cameras have been significant, transitioning from Analog to Digital and IP formats. Previously, as an internal investigator, We relied on Analog recording devices – security cameras connected to VCR recorders with video tapes. This limited our recording capacity to 24-hour shifts, potentially losing crucial evidence if tapes were overwritten or not changed. Our crime investigation office's extensive library of evidence consisted of 500-1000 video cassette tapes, each labeled with detailed investigation information until there was no space left.
We now have Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) that can compress data on a 5:1 format and store multiple camera signals on a Hard Drive. The larger the Hard Drive, the more data you can save. Searching for footage on your DVR or NVR is now easier than with video cassette tapes. Whether you’re away on vacation or a business trip, you can have peace of mind knowing that the recorded events in your home are safely stored on the DVR. If you have Internet Remote Viewing configured on your surveillance camera system, you can download any evidence to your laptop or Smartphone, depending on the Hard Drive capacity. Security is the extent of protection against harm applied to valuable assets like individuals, homes, communities, nations, or organizations.
Peekaboo Security Cameras: Access control systems in Warren MI & Surrounding areas, 24/7 (586) 200-1900. Keypads, card readers, biometric readers.


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Protect your business: (586) 200- 1900. Security Solutions for Public Health:
Thermal Cameras in Warren, and Detroit.

Advantages of CCTV Security Camera Systems Installation:

Prevents Shoplifting: Shop, store, or mall surveillance systems effectively deter thieves, safeguarding against theft. Multiple camera installations enable security personnel to monitor customers and employees efficiently.
Vandalism Protection: Our Security Camera Systems deter “unwelcome guests” and prevent vandalism to your business or home.
Investigation Footage: CCTV systems digitally record and provide live footage, accessible remotely from your internet and cell phone, for easy review and investigation.
Home Security: CCTV Systems Help Monitor Kids, Babysitters, and Teens. Safeguard Your Home with Peace of Mind. Save Money with Lower Insurance Premiums.
In conclusion, CCTV cameras are the optimal choice for surveillance purposes. Proper management and deployment of CCTV systems can positively impact community safety, reducing crime and disorder. Other security options include video security cameras, access control, intrusion alarm systems, and security gates.
Install Surveillance and Access Control Systems with Peekaboo Security Cameras, Inc. for Optimal Security (586) 200-1900