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Streamline your building’s access control system with a hassle-free QR code video intercom.

Enjoy a simplified process with no need for additional hardware or app downloads.

Do you want to streamline the entry process for your customers, residents, visitors, or contractors? Peekaboo Security Cameras offers a variety of touchless access control systems and code intercoms throughout all of Detroit. Call (586) 200-1900.With a QR code video intercom, you can effortlessly direct them to the proper assistance in your facility. No more hassle of providing key fobs or installing complex intercom systems. All they need is a QR code for seamless access.
A QR Code Video Intercom is a type of video intercom system that uses QR codes to allow users to access the intercom. QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that a smartphone or other mobile device can scan. When a user scans the QR code, it will open a web page or app that allows them to view and interact with the intercom.
There are many benefits to using a QR Code Video Intercom:
1.It is a more secure way to access the intercom than traditional methods, such as using a PIN code or keycard.
2.It is more convenient for users to access the intercom from any smartphone or mobile device.
3.It is more scalable for businesses and can be easily added to new locations.
Here are some of the features of the QR Code Video Intercom:
Secure access: QR Code Video Intercom uses QR codes to allow users to access the intercom faster than traditional methods, such as using a PIN code or keycard.
Convenient: Users can access the intercom from any smartphone or mobile device, which is more convenient than remembering a PIN code or carrying a keycard.
Scalable: QR Code Video Intercom can be easily added to new locations, making it a scalable business solution.
A QR Code Video Intercom is a great option if you are looking for a more secure, convenient, and scalable way to access your video intercom.
At Peekaboo Security Cameras, we specialize in installing Teleportivity’s QR code video intercoms. These innovative systems offer cloud-based video concierge, security, and reception services. Anyone can open their smartphone camera, scan the QR code, and instantly connect to their needed assistance. The beauty of our QR code video intercom is its simplicity. It operates entirely on the cloud and requires only a smartphone with a browser. Unlike other solutions, users do no need to download apps or install additional hardware or wiring. Just scan the QR code and get connected.


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These customizable virtual intercom solutions can cater to the specific needs of your facility. In addition to connecting individuals to virtual receptionists or security personnel, these solutions offer the option to connect them to a menu where they can select the service they require or indicate the purpose of their visit. This ensures that they are connected to the appropriate service or person.
Code Intercom SE Michigan | Touchless Access Control System. QR code video intercoms are especially beneficial for buildings concerned about vandalism or theft. These intercoms reduce the risk of damage by minimizing the need for extensive hardware installation. This streamlined system is simple yet effective, enhancing the experience for residents and visitors alike.
The greatest advantage of this system is that it eliminates the need for additional access control methods, such as keypads, key cards, fobs, or even mobile apps for entry. This makes it one of commercial and residential buildings' simplest access control Auburn Hills, Shelby, Sterling Heights, Troy, or Madison Heights, MI. You can ensure your residents' safety while providing exclusive access to community amenities.
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