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Modernize Your Access Control with Cloud- Based Systems

Upgrade your access control system to the latest technology with our cloud-based solutions. Improve security and convenience by securely managing access to your premises from anywhere, at any time. Our cloud-based access control systems allow you to easily monitor and control who enters your premises, track attendance, and receive real-time alerts. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing physical keys and hello to a more innovative, more efficient way of controlling access. We provide advanced and customizable cloud-based access control solutions.
We are a reliable cloud- based access control installation company in Warren MI, serving all of Detroit, Sterling Heights and the surrounding areas of SE Michigan. Our commercial customers seek cloud-based access control systems that ensure security and compliance standards, as traditional methods can be compromised. To address these concerns, Peekaboo Security Cameras offers a comprehensive security ecosystem that resolves common challenges in the industry. Trust us to provide you with the best cloud- based access control systems for your modern security needs.

Key Security Features of OpenPath Access Control:

Mobile Unlock and Wave to Unlock: OpenPath offers the convenient feature to unlock doors with a simple wave of your hand and through mobile phones and smartwatches. This allows quick and easy access without removing devices from pockets or bags, saving valuable time.
Occupancy Tracking:  With OpenPath, you can effectively manage and set capacity limits in your facility. This feature allows you to monitor the number of people in specific areas, ensuring compliance with regulations and maintaining a safe environment.
Legacy System Integrations: OpenPath seamlessly integrates with your existing or legacy systems, making it easy to incorporate directory services, visitor management, and communication platforms. This ensures a smooth transition and enhances the overall security of your facility.
Remote Access: OpenPath allows unlocking any door from any location. This remote access feature allows authorized personnel to conveniently grant access to visitors or employees without needing physical presence.
Guest Passes: Open Path offers the option to generate one-time entry keys that can be easily sent via text message to visitors, vendors, or contractors. This eliminates the need for physical keys or access cards and provides a convenient and secure solution for temporary access.
Lock Down – Custom facility or entrance lockdowns can be activated anytime from anywhere.


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Sleek Hardware and Secure Convenient Mobile Entry with Hands-Free Functionality

Openpath offers advanced access control solutions that combine sleek hardware with secure and convenient hands-free mobile entry. Our intelligent and customizable devices enhance the user experience, while our cloud-based enterprise software makes remote system management more accessible than ever.
With our smart devices, you can instantly enhance your security profile by enabling multi-factor and biometric authentication, one-time passwords, employee location awareness, and immediate credential revocation.
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Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud-Based Software for Real-Time Access Control Manage all your sites and users conveniently from a single interface, available 24/7.
Enhanced Security with Virtual Protection. The cloud is constantly updated to safeguard against emerging threats, unlike local computers that require frequent manual upgrades.
Streamlined System Setup. With Openpath’s Smart Hub and Readers, you can easily deploy and activate your system with minimal hardware requirements.
Customizable Access Points & Credentials Openpath offers a variety of secure key options, allowing employees to select the one that suits them best. If you are considering an upgrade or addition to your facility’s access control system, reach out to Peekaboo Security Cameras.
Our team of skilled access control professionals can help you with your cloud-based solution. (586) 200-1900