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Access Control Systems

Efficient Integration and Design of Commercial Surveillance and Access Control Systems by Experts

Look no further if you're looking for a system to efficiently regulate access to your business, school, or facility. Peekaboo Security Camera offers flexible and secure access control systems that efficiently manage every point of entry and exit, perimeter control, and restricted areas within your building. Our scalable access control systems can grow with your business, allowing you to expand without worrying about outgrowing your security system.
Need Access Control System Installation Company | Door Access Control in Warren and Detroit MI? Additionally, our systems are flexible and can easily integrate with your existing security infrastructure. With years of experience and professionalism, Peekaboo Security Camera is well-equipped to meet various industries’ diverse access control needs, including schools, healthcare facilities, hotels, manufacturing plants, apartment buildings, industrial complexes, senior care facilities, and government buildings.

Here are some access control system elements we provide for facilities like yours.

Enhance Access Control with Keycard & Key Fob Systems

If you want to control access at entrances or within specific areas, our keycard and key fob systems are your ideal solution. Enjoy an efficient and straightforward approach to restricting access.

Utilize Biometric Access Control to Enhance Security

Enhance security measures by utilizing biometric access control technology, which employs fingerprint, facial recognition, iris scans, and other biometric methods to identify individuals authorized to access specific checkpoints accurately.


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Thermal Cameras in Warren, and Detroit.

Perimeter Security Systems: The Importance of Cameras and Sensors

Enhancing your security measures with advanced technology is crucial. We serve Shelby MI , and Sterling Heights as well as the entire Detroit area. That’s why video cameras, thermal cameras, and invisible fences are vital components of a comprehensive perimeter security system. With real-time alerts and the ability to access live video feeds through mobile devices, you can remain in control and ensure the utmost security at all times.

Enhance facility security effortlessly with Bluetooth-enabled access control solutions.

By eliminating the need for traditional keycards or fobs and Leveraging the prevalence of Bluetooth technology in modern mobile devices, this hands-free solution ensures convenient access control measures.

Electronic Gates & Parking Barriers

Specializing in the professional design and installation of electronic gates and parking barriers, our company offers top-notch services for commercial, industrial, and residential community projects.
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Partner with Peekaboo Security Cameras, Inc. for Surveillance and Access Control System Design and Integration. Our team can discuss your requirements and design the best solution. (586) 200-1900